Sometimes you just don’t have the budget left to start looking at expensive new ideas when it comes to marketing but you still want to keep your phones ringing and your site traffic up.

That’s why you need some quick wins. These work for almost any business with an internet presence – so what are you waiting for?

  1. Start writing press releases. You can use a professional, or you can submit them for free – just google ‘Free PR release sites’. Granted, your interest might not be as strong as building a relationship with a journo, but it’s free! Content wise – if you don’t have something, make something. Harness your staff’s enthusiasm for baking (or eating) for a charity day, look at what new angles your new product might have that make it ‘newsworthy’ or talk about your investment in people/ apprenticeships.
  2. Clean up your data. Whether it’s on a CRM or spreadsheets, take some time out to look at who has been contacted when, who your VIP’s are and address any outstanding issues. You can use this time to remove duplicates, infill any details and mark all your activities that are finished as ‘complete’. You may also want to start pulling dynamic reports to get a snapshot view of your sales figures and start linking your marketing campaigns through to sales.
  3. This is the very cheap one – send a letter campaign. After a data cleanse you can easily pick off your top VIP’s or hottest prospects. Google a letter template and then send it out. This could have a free gift attached, can be handsigned, or simply addressed to ‘Our VIP: Jane Doe’. Think about creative ways to get a reply – whether that is paying for the cost of a return envelope with a stamp, adding a coupon or discount code, or giving them a ‘preliminary’ appointment time
  4. Check that your Google Local Business listing is working for you. This is now part of G+ so you will want to give it some love.
  5. Be active on social media – more than you are now. Tools like Hootsuite and Buffer let you schedule posts in advance, so you can be smart – with ideas like midnight ‘Are you still awake’ posts.
  6. If you work with 3rd parties – eg if you are an estate agent and also work with a mortgage advisor or a cleaning company, ask them if they will promote you to their database as well. This could be via email, or through the use of leaflets. Perhaps they want to host a dual branded event in the local area, or would be interest in sharing the cost and benefits of a new campaign with you?
  7. Spend some time on your Google Analytics, especially In Page to see who is looking at what – and what pages are dying a death. This might mean you need to rework your site, but often small changes – editing the copy, adding a video will produce good results.
  8. Professional videos are a great way to get a campaign idea spread out – but if you are strapped for cash, consider making a videoette ( a video that uses stills and a voiceover) or an animated video to demonstrate your selling points.
  9. Start a blog. This can be done by your web development company, or you can start your own template at Blogger or WordPress and then later, export it into your own site or map it across.
  10. Update your email signature. This gets plenty of clicks! Keep it image light and hyperlink it with an enticing sentence to drive traffic – ideally this will be to an optimised landing page so you can capture further details. (Example: Our free eBook “How to Sell Your Home In 5 Steps” is now ready to download! Click here)
  11. Look into other social networks. Pinterest will work if your target audience is predominantly female and if you’re products won’t look out of place next to craft goods and recipes. Instagram is great for hashtags, so you can not only add in a photo – eg a house for sale in Brixton, but also lots of hashtags – #brixton #forsale #home #newhome #tolet..
  12. Start spending time on a good newsletter that is a mix of killer content and useful information and hard selling messages. Start looking at the opens report closely so that you can follow up with each interested recipient. It’s also worth seeing if the design needs an update – even if your logo hasn’t changed, take a look at the emails you get and see if yours look just as good. If you are struggling to create content,  ask for a more image heavy template.
  13. Tailor your subscription options. This only takes a minute, but offering people a chance to subscribe to niche content segments means you can be more targeted. Have a look at your preferencing tool and check if it can be made more prominent. Unlike an unsubscribe button, which some people still want to tuck away, this tool keeps you in control by getting more in depth details of what people want to see when it comes to your content.

I hope this has started you thinking about some of the ideas you can use in your business to generate interest. Reaching out to people will always have the best results – so on that note – why not connect?