B2B Copywriter and Copywriting Services

Are you looking for a B2B Copywriting Service that turns your sales messages into actual sales? I’m a B2B copywriter ready to help make you money. 

My name is Elaine Keep and I am a freelance B2B copywriter. Based in Sheffield, I help clients across the UK by creating amazing pieces of copy (or ‘content’) that deliver real results and actual sales.

That could be a landing page, a PPC advert, a social media content schedule, automated emails, brochures or leaflets.

I’ve helped generate sales for businesses I work for in excess of £76,585,000 (and counting) with copy that converts into leads and sales. And, I’d now like to help you get the same results, whatever sector you are in!

A quick breakdown of customer success using me as a B2B copywriter:

  • A private construction company have used the brand new brochure that I made to showcase their services, along with LinkedIn to promote. With my new way of marketing, they have attracted a brand new client in the private services building space with a value in excess of £500,000. (The cost of the brochure was less than 2% of this!)
  • Since 2019 I’ve worked with a SaaS tech business as their B2B copywriter and have created a lead magnet, taking their newsletter database to 12,000 opted in individuals at powerful businesses and gathering interest and meetings from the Consultation Institute Members.
  • A privately owned mechanic used me as a B2B copywriting expert to leaflet national businesses and now has a supply and service contract in place for one of the UK’s top banks worth thousands. 
  • A B2B consulting service uses me to create their website blogs and social media content and has generated 3 clients this year, with an estimated value of each kick-off project alone between £6,000 and £10,000 per piece!

Great businesses know that the right copy can really, really help to turn website visitors or even passive readers into red hot sales. I’ve worked with the brand that you know, and others you will soon know!

What makes great sales copy?

B2B Copywriter

Elaine Keep is a B2B Copywriter offering a B2B copywriting service. Sheffield based, serving the UK.

How is it done? Well you can read the basics here – How to write sales content for your website 

Or you can hire me, like these amazing people did!

Hire a freelance B2B Copywriter

B2B copywriter

Why does great content matter?

B2B Copywriter

Elaine Keep is a B2B Copywriter offering a B2B copywriting service. Sheffield based, serving the UK.

Can a B2B copywriter make your business sales?

I am absolutely able to help you if:

  • You are using marketing material that’s a bit flat
  • You are relying on outdated brochures and flyers, emails and lead magnets to attract sales
  • Your PPC ads aren’t getting the clicks they used to
  • You want to make a huge impression with the right content to launch a new business, product or service.
  • Do you need copy for a long-form sales letter, direct mail promotion, newspaper/magazine ad, email sequence, landing page, video sales letter or radio ad?

What copywriting is on offer?


Copywriting and SEO services have never been so critical to get right. I can help turn a standard website into something customers love.


Help your brand find a tone of voice, a persona or a reason to be!


Emails, newsletters, and direct mail all come under this bracket. You need attention, fast! Let me help you choose the words that get them to click, call or reach out.


Whether it’s infographics, articles, press releases, white papers, blogs, and articles, you need them researched and authoritative. I can help.


Don’t wing it or give it to the intern. I can help speak in your brand voice and craft compelling updates as well as one to one engagement.


Why does your story matter? What can the reader learn? I will help you create a compelling narrative that journalists love to hear about.


Turn a brochure into something that tells and sells. I can cut through the features and make them benefits.


Got a PowerPoint that was made by a sales manager? We all have! Let me take good care of it and make it shiny and new and perfect for pitching. No more sleepy meetings with zombie-eyed prospects!

Let’s talk first

I know that hiring a copywriter is a big decision and you will absolutely want to see samples, not only of eye-catching lead generation led content, but of softer articles, press releases and social media updates. I would be happy to help.

Let’s have a 30-minute consultation and discuss your copywriting project in detail.

During this FREE consultation you’ll also discover:

  • How much you should budget for my services
  • How quickly I can help you
  • What other clients say about me. 

I want you to leave a call feeling 100%. confident in my abilities to help you! So what are you waiting for?