“Digital marketing services” is something I see a lot of people searching for and reaching my site. The little investigator in me says that they are asking google what this is because it’s a bit vague and if they land here, as you have done – well, you must want an answer!

It’s lockdown as I type, and having done my paint by numbers and baked a sourdough, I take a look at what this actually refers to, before you hire a freelancer.

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What are Digital Marketing Services?

From the point of view of a freelancer, a digital marketing service would compromise the whole package that I could offer you, and this would be everything online. I will get to that in a minute, but as a contrast, if you had come to me in 1997 looking for marketing services, we would be talking advertising on the radio, TV and in print and magazines. Nowadays, all of that is online.

Your radio is now YouTube, your TV is now still a TV but also probably YouTube or TikTok or Instagram stories, and your news is from Facebook and Twitter. You probably don’t read a magazine but will follow influencers or other media people on their own channels.

This means marketing has had to adapt to a new world and anyone who works in marketing will say (unless they are a super-specialist in one area) that they work across the marketing mix.

This is known as the 4 P’s – Product, Price, Promotion and Place.

  • The product which includes the design, brand, packaging
  • Price means the retail place, discounts, offers, deals
  • Promotion means advertising – how it is sold, email marketing, social media advertising content
  • Place – this is where the product is from and your distribution methods.

How do the 4 P’s drive digital marketing?

There are two ways to look at digital marketing – the doing and the knowing.

Digital marketing can include the following ‘doing’ actions

  • Affiliate marketing
  • PPC advertising
  • SEO
  • Social media marketing
  • Video marketing
  • PR

And as well as this, digital marketing also includes ‘knowing actions’. This is also what you pay a freelance marketing consultant for.

For example, one of the key skills of digital marketing is actually the psychology behind why people buy, why people don’t buy, how people view themselves (usually as a hero!) and why people choose a brand when faced with extreme consumer choice. This is more than just a hope and a dream, it’s actually about understanding the customer or user experience through testing. learning and experience.

It’s about testing your email marketing, your adverts and your onboarding process to increase awareness, engagement and hopefully, sales.

This is known in marketing and tech as UX or CX. CX is the customer experience is around the touchpoints a customer or potential customer will have with your brand as a whole, and UX or User Experience tends to just be around physical touchpoints – typically your website.

This is an excellent book on the psychology of marketing and business by Brian Tracy, The Psychology of Selling.

What digital marketing services are best for your business?

You don’t want to get a marketing outsourcer who does the doing without knowing the knowing.

This is why I always say that I offer the marketing mix, but by that, I mean tactical marketing services alongside digital marketing and profiling services.

What that means is you get a more effective service, but that doesn’t mean a bigger bill. Experienced marketers aren’t people who just do the task and shrug when the results come back. A marketing manager or marketing freelancer is switched on to understanding and being driven to knowing the where, they who and the why from every decision.

If you’ve ever seen our Starbucks order, you’ll know we are pretty particular people.

So you don’t have to worry that digital marketing will involve hours and days spent navel-gazing and pondering target demographics and user intent on your watch – I mean, let’s get stuck in. The decisions a great marketing consultant will make will to you perhaps look as simple as turning off some of your PPC spend and popping a bit more into SEO, or switching your long-form content into video marketing but the process will have been driven by far more than that.

Theres more to marketing than meets the eye

Theres more to marketing than meets the eye

What should I look for?

I would say that your business is so personal to you.

You might be a PLC business in the logistics sector. In that case, you probably aren’t going to run Facebook ads – so you won’t need someone with this as their core specialism but you will probably need someone who can create PR opportunities and start to divide your site traffic from organic and interested buyers from people complaining their parcel is delayed.

If you are in the online retail space, you probably want someone with eCommerce experience and selling on Amazon and Bay. These are core skills that speak to your target audience.

If you are a small family run business, you probably don’t need a marketing agency with a big office and 8 members of staff. These overheads have to be covered somewhere and if you aren’t sure what to pay, you could be looking at a bigger bill than expected.

Beware the marketing agency or freelancer that wants to redevelop your website but doesn’t have a developer on hand – it often means this is being outsourced and can mean you get a 3rd hand experience.

I hope this has helped you understand what digital marketing services are.

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