It’s business etiquette that whilst one of the first questions anyone wants to ask when we are sold something is ‘how much does it cost?’ we hold back. We let people pitch, we nod in agreement and smile encouragingly, all the while subtly flicking to page 35 of their sales brochure to see just how much it’s going to set us back.

Why are we still dancing around the fact that costs are important?

It’s traditional in sales to get people engaged in the product and then hit them with the costs after they are ‘on the hook’ – but as far as we know, we have one life, and frankly, there’s no point getting excited about anything, be it a new office chair or a marketing agency if you can’t foot the bill at the end – it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

When I set up Your Marketing Managed the key principle behind the business was trust – and part of that was ensuring we offered complete cost transparency. When I bought a piece of software, I’d select one of the pricing packages, pop in my credit card details and I was away. It was simple and painless. In contrast, when I’d worked with a PR agency I was suddenly working with credits, tokens, hours worked, fees for travel, additional, mysterious ‘expenditure’ costs and more.

I reasoned that when I set up a marketing freelance service, there was no reason not to just put my pricing front and centre. You can see all our costs for all our work here. 

Why we offer marketing packages

If we still have you, it’s worth us explaining why we offer packages – asides from transparency. At Your Marketing Managed you will see we package things up based on what is really a retained basis – delivering an agreed number of outcomes every month. This covers you in a variety of ways. Sometimes things just don’t run smoothly. Emails get trapped in a spam filter. Something breaks. A news story needs to be held back or something breaks and we need to speak to journalists for a whole day.

An hourly rate for marketing seems inflexible for us both, whereas a task-based payment ensures you receive exactly what you need. There’s no filler hours, no padding or puffery.

It also refocuses everyone onto the bigger picture – that marketing is there to deliver results.

If you need that email sent, the website redesigned or 6 blogs a month, then then hours that go into it are, in short, my problem. You get the outcome you need with the package you’ve purchased.

What package do I need?

If you have a very specific need and already know what you want, you simply get in touch and let us know the package you want. If you aren’t sure, you would engage Your Marketing Managed to create a strategic plan which would involve us taking a look at your aims, your resources and what we can do to meet your objectives. We then deliver this with hands-on hard work! This might be us writing web content, social media management or email marketing.


If this all sounds like music to your ears we will get along famously! Please do reach out to discuss your needs – contact me directly –