How to write sales content for your website

As a freelance marketing consultant, I spend a lot of time looking at websites, redesigning websites and writing copy for websites. This means, in short, I see a lot of them and how to write sales content for your website is a key skill to get the most of your site.

You want to be known for something. And everyone knows that being the best at something is the only way to be remembered. If you can write sales content for your website and design your site in a way that makes it easy to consume, writing content doesn’t actually mean reams of words. It could be just 6 words, positioned perfectly for the visitor.

How to write sales content for your website: Showcase your USP

When it comes to making the most of yourself online, you need a USP, a unique sales proposition.

We tend to get into a bubble where we think people know all about us, but that’s not true. If you meet someone at an event, they may remember just 2% of your conversation. They know roughly what you do – and then they type in your URL.

Whereas a search engine led visit allows people to see a bit about you before they arrive, a direct named search leads them bang onto your home page.

They may have also stumbled across your name on social media.

When it comes to your website, you have to be a salesperson. Not a greasy one. You don’t need to buy an ill-fitting suit and shiny shoes. But you do need to at least try and sell in a way that resonates with your brand. Your number one job is to treat every single website visitor you get like they are your best friend. The kind of friend you’d bend over backwards for and want to help. They need instructions around where to go on the site to find what they need. Being ‘salesy’ is pretty easy in real life and your website is now your showroom.

They also need some proof that you are legitimate and able to help them.

How to write sales content for your website

Spabreaks do this so well, with a big strapline – Europe’s No1 Spa Break Specialist. Straight away, you have confidence. You see what they offer, to whom. Straight after, there’s social proof with Trustpilot as well as three possible hot areas to visit on the page. You can bet that these are the most searched terms for them.

How to write sales content for your website: Position your message

Use the very top area of your site to attract people to your critical messages.

As you can see, calls to action are very powerful.

• Tell them what you do straight away. E.g. Interior design plans in under an hour
• Overcome objections: ‘Think interior designers are too expensive? We can help you plan your next move for under £100
• Build trust: ‘Insured, Verified and Trained. We have the experience you need.”
• Provide proof: ‘We have over 100 5-star reviews. Why not read them?’
Bear this in mind when you write and you’ll be well on your way.

The number one rule is to tell them what to do. The main goal of your website is likely to gain customers. So, you need to make it clear to people who visit how they should go about doing business with you. Do they need to call and make an appointment? Should they just stop by during business hours? Have a clear call to action so that customers will know exactly what steps they should take.

‘Calls to action’ are the name given to these instructions and they are used in all types of marketing activities.
Some familiar ones are:

  • Join our Email List
  • Download your Free Guide
  • Request a Free Consultation (or Demo, Estimate or Quote)
  • Register
  • Buy Now
  • Search
  • Browse
  • Take a look
  • See why…
  • Learn more
  • Connect with us
  • Read about it
  • Shop the range

Notonthehighstreet does this very well using a banner that straight away gives three key messages, as well as a prominent search box.

How to write sales content for your website

There is also Babel which gets to the crux of the site straight away. Sales led marketing copy isn’t just about waffle. It’s about meeting the needs of every customer. The drop down draws the customer in to take action straight away.

How to write sales content for your website

How to write sales content for your website: Showcase a store

Website marketing is all about driving sales and that may well be in a physical store. Waterstones do this very well with a store locator and an eyecatching design at the far left of the page. It’s the first place my eye was drawn to – what about yours?

How to write sales content for your website

How to improve website marketing: Write long form sales copy that doesn’t look scammy and gross

Long-form sales copy pages are everywhere. They convert well, the problem is they look like a big scam. You will have seen the ones – advertising an Ebook, a marketing course or a sales training regime, even how to get 6 pack abs with some UNKNOWN TRICK?!?! They have a lot of red, some awful images and look like the kind of thing you warn your gran not to click.

Back to the first point that they do work if people are invested enough in your message to buy. They have some classic rules around them. – they like to make themselves relatable. Usually written in a first-person, they will have questions and statements for you to agree or disagree with. ‘This course is for you if….’ – ‘Don’t buy this course if…’

This is all basic psychology, They will wrap up statements like ‘if you want a scam or a quick win – it’s not for you’ – the implication being there product is legit. They will add in social proof. ‘I worked with a student called Randy who took my course and he is now making over $789900 a month.” (Inserts an email or a quote from Randy.) That kind of thing.

Long form sales copy example

Large fonts,  reams of text, 40 characters per line, and lots of paragraphs. Plenty of links, and subheaders galore. They can scroll on and on and on.

If you have one single product, this might be for you.

There is nothing wrong with long-form sales copy at all, but it’s designed for specific products and specific things.

You don’t catch BMW making it, you wouldn’t see Boohoo writing reams on a pair of wedge sandals. Its usually high ticket, low trust markets that attract and need this type of sales led copy.

Are there set sales phrases that work?

I kind of hate teaming marketing along with sales phrases because it makes marketing seem like a quick buck factory, something to hoodwink a plebian consumer. I completely disagree with that notion and think web users and consumers are savvier than ever. Asking for sales phrases that work is totally industry-led and driven by your own brand.

  • If John Lewis plastered a big ‘You do you Hun – £6 shoe sale!” on their site, you would cringe your insides out.
  • If Feelunique advertised mother of the bride make up on their front page you might wonder if their marketing manager had taken a leave of sanity.

In short, the answer on how to write sales content for your website is driven, or should be, by the standards and brand you have, your ideal consumer and their expectations for your site.

Take inspiration where you can, read some great books on sales skills, psychological tips and hints – but don’t deviate from the number one goal which should be to serve your customer and keep your USP and brand ethos alive and well!

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