Being a marketing freelancer in Sheffield is not something I ever thought I would be. Hailing from Cambridge, I figured that I would stay down south, or even head to London, and become a journalist. (Lois Lane was my childhood idol.) However, after university, I stayed. Sheffield retains about 42% of people who come for university, so I am in good company.

However, there are some amazing perks of being in Sheffield which is why I choose to stay here instead of moving to London.

If you are looking to get into marketing, I would absolutely suggest that you don’t think you have to move to the most buzzing cities or the capital. Here’s why.

Why I choose to be a marketing freelancer in Sheffield

  1. The scenery

Whilst offering freelance marketing support mainly means I spend time at a desk or with my head in my Macbook, I am able to visit the countryside if I fancy. I came to study at Sheffield Hallam University and was instantly in awe of the amazing drives around the Peak District.

Because I work freelance, it means I can easily travel between Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham to see clients. Having said that, I have had clients as far away as New Zealand so distance isn’t really anything in today’s modern world.

Some of the best cafes in the peak district include The Fountain Tea Rooms – Bonsall, Nr Matlock, Masson Mills – Matlock Bath and The Old Smithy near Chatsworth Estate.

2. The people

The people of Yorkshire are very friendly and were incredibly kind when I set up my business. A digital marketing consultant setting up in a mining town seems a little unlikely and modern, but I was featured in my local village paper and when I won a client, was featured yet again. It’s a place that celebrates success and I feel rooted for!





3. The food

Before I moved here, chips and gravy just wasn’t an option. Nowadays, its a Friday staple, A hard day of social media management or copywriting and you can bet that I am having a large battered haddock and loving life. Gravy can come in a separate pot if like me, you want to be in control of all aspects of your life, including how much sauce is on your chips.

4. The travel

As a marketing consultant I have meetings up and down the country, bang near the M1 and next to a train station, I feel super connected, even to London. It takes about 1 hr 30 to reach the capital, with none of the stress of driving and plenty of time to shout at the train wi-fi before giving in and finally using my own data or going offline to work!


Choose from the freelance marketing services you need:

I am a proud marketing generalist, but with core skills in the following areas: 

* Digital copywriting
* Creative and quirky copywriting
* Email marketing expertise
* Marketing & sales alignment
* Retention, cross sell & up-sell copywriting
* Social media management
* Website content writing – serious stuff including white paper and guides
* Virtual marketing management 
* Blog writing and article writing
* Proofreader and editor work
* Website development & optimisation (SEO) – Get an in-depth personal SEO report
*Creative content writing for PR
*Media management
*Campaign development and management
*Event management

As well as being a freelance digital marketing consultant for general businesses, I also have a nice niche in incentive marketing and I am the Content Editor for the Incentive Marketing Association Europe (You can read more about that here.)


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