I have had a few clients reach out who would like a temperature check of where their SEO is right now.

Following this, I am now offering a Comprehensive SEO Review.

Accoridng to INC, It’s estimated that three out of four clicks from internet searches go to the top five positions on Google. And with nine out of ten (91%) clicks from Google Search going to the results on the first page, the value of SEO is clear. There are millions of pages on the web that can match a potential keyword. Any site that hopes to rank high for a particular word or phrase are going to have to make sure their site’s SEO gives them the best possible chance.

What’s included in the Comprehensive SEO Review?

This includes:
– Set up of Google Analytics.
– Set up of Google Search Console.
– Creation of a monthly reporting dashboard on web performance. This would be automatically emailed to you at the beginning of each month.
– Creation of a heat map of user interaction for 3 pages.

This will allow us to start tracking the level of engagement of your website and the user experience. It is always good to note that it can often take some time for the information to build up.

This then leads to a full review of all site:

– Meta information
– Keywords
– Page titles
– Meta descriptions

Before moving to:

-On page content structure – h1 tags
– subheadings
– user experience and call-to-actions *this is aided with the heat map recordings in order to review how users are interacting with the website.

Finnaly, we would look at:

– Image review (size, load speed, ‘alt’ tags)
– Overall website speed
– Mobile responsiveness
– Review site map & submit to Google Search console – Internal and external link review.

How long does a Comprehensive SEO review take?

It would normally take approx 2-3 weeks to complete the full review. Of course, there are some instances where it take longer for stats to building up in Google Analytics/Search console, depending on the level of interaction with your website.