If you are thinking of hiring outsourced marketing support, you might want to know what skills you are looking for. After all, handling marketing is no joke and you need someone who is passionate and also highly capable! Here we take a look at the top 4 skills someone can bring to your business.

Outsourced marketing support skill 1: Technical Help

The first skill of a marketing freelancer or outsourced marketing service is to be able to be very comfortable with technical skills. It might be that you don’t have technical skills in your business in the areas of digital marketing. That’s why a freelancer is great. You don’t need to be someone who produces the product, develops and trains in it and also promotes it. A freelancer should be the person you turn to for this. Whilst I am talking about expertise in handling the marketing trade, I also refer to the tools and apps and functionality behind the role – so the SEO tracking sites and premium subscriptions to the newswires, a Rolodex of journalists – that kind of thing.

Skill 2: Specific Niches and Advice

A marketing freelancer should have a specific talent for the particular pain areas of your business. If you have a great sales team, you might need someone who can funnel sales into them. If you are lacking sales, this might be down t missing out on brand awareness.

You need a marketing freelancer, in this case, to help build your brand and move them from awareness through to consideration. I would expect anyone in the role to come into your business and to bring their own wealth of experiences, be that in tech, in case studies, in how things have been done, as well as future trends and things on the horizon. This can all be very powerful and will allow you to pick and mix to get some new ways of marketing in your business.

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Skill 3: A new perspective

A freelance resource also brings in a new buyers perspective and a selling process perspective. Particularly in B2B, a freelancer will be able to get a set o fresh eyes onto the selling process to see where your gaps are. As you may know, the marketing manager of any kind will be keen to move customers towards advocacy and loyalty.

As a remote, outsourced resource, you get the benefit of someone coming in with no notion of what the process should look like, apart from the eyes of a total novice to your world. When you have been working on something for months or even years, a fresh opinion can be invaluable and can help you stop launching at the wrong time, in the wrong way or without highlighting the benefits of what you have to offer.

Skill 4: An understanding of the task – and speed!

Understanding what needs to be done. This sounds simple! If you want sales, leads or links – there are actually multiple ways to go around this that all have to be balanced by other factors – the events you have on, your budget for the quarter, where your customers are, what’s changing in the world and what you competitors are doing. throw in PPC and SEO to the mix as well as PR and brand work, and you have a big melting pot.

A freelancer will be able to help pull the strands and ideas you may have bubbling away and creat ea cohesive plan that is relevant, realistic and achievable. A freelance resource doest have to worry about being at work from 9-5 for you for the next 17 years. They can go a bit faster! That means you get fast-tracked ideas and work, as well as help planning for the future if you do go it alone.

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