Considering hiring a copywriter? Maybe you are a business owner and want to try and write your own content first. I mean, everyone writes and I give you my full blessing. (Okay, a bit of a blessing but I think it will be quicker and easier if you get me to help BUT if you are staring down the barrel and want some tips, I’ve got you covered.)

Years of working on briefs for clients has given me some great starting points.

How to get started writing copy for your business

Some people will say ‘just start.’ No, no and no once more for the people at the back.

Before your Word document fires up or you’ve made your pre-writing coffee you need to get your head straight. So, an important side note:

Don't forget that you are writing for money. Always. 

Your job as a copywriter isn’t too be smart, and funny or a jester. It might involve elements of those things, but you need to have the number one goal of making money. If you don’t have that in mind, you won’t get very good results.

Money rules everything. All the other stuff is just the background to getting that cash in your pocket.

Step 1. Grab a copywriting cheat sheet and plan to speak to their pains

Before you start, you need your cheat sheet so you can think about speaking to pain points and focus your mind.

What’s a copywriting cheat sheet? 

A cheat sheet is like your gaming hack codes that take you straight into the mindset of a copywriter that brings in hundreds, even thousands of pounds in revenue.

You should today, start compiling smart and snappy campaigns. They might come into your inbox. They might come through the post, or be on a billboard. You are looking for AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.) If you don’t have this, then just start looking today. Google for brilliant copywriting campaigns. Look for the most successful sales letters ever written. Look and learn.

They all dig out the PAIN and the worries we all have.

  • Your son might fail his exams if you don’t buy the write educational tablet.
  • You might lose your job if you spend too long on admin tasks.
  • Could a computer do your job?
  • Are your gums shrinking? Will you need dentures at 32?
  • Could you be making more money?
  • Is your pension plan now out of date – leaving you working for an extra 5 years?
  • Is your home losing value every day because you aren’t doing these 3 things?


Also look at all campaigns with a critical beady eye. 

Take this one. There’s plenty to get you started on your own campaign.

  • BOOM, here’s the headline. Very good, impactful!
  • Here’s the social proof. Others love it, that’s great!
  • Here’s a real human talking to me and his photo, perfecto.

But could it have some tweaks? It depends on what you want to write and the aims and goals – where they are in the marketing funnel – but maybe.

Here’s a go with some annotations in italic from the ‘reader’.

Why spend longer than 4 minutes on tenant checks?  (I’m not sure, because that’s how long they take?) 

That’s the outdated way. Nowadays, smart agents can get checks done in the same time it takes to make a hot tea. (Oh really? That’s quick, I don’t believe you.) 

We already work with hundreds of agents who LOVE the results. They are getting DOUBLE the checks done EVERY day compared to agents who don’t use XXX service. (Oh crap!) 

So why change now? (I was just thinking this. I bet it’s too hard. A long call maybe…) 

Think it will be too hard? It’s not. One 15 minute call and you can start smashing through the social distancing and financial challenges you’ve had this year and come out on top.

Don’t waste another minute. Click here to call us. (Okay!) 


The point is, this has started by the fact I am correcting someone else’s work – which is always far easier than having your own bright ideas. I couldn’t write that from nothing. And why should or would I? Everything has been done, so you just need to find your own voice.

Think of copywriting like a collab between you and every other amazing human in the world. You can cherry-pick to deliver your message in your own way. I don’t want it to seem I am bringing down the email I just showed, but merely showing you could use ANY message to spark some interesting new angles.

I make mine on Word and it has photos and emails on it, links to blogs that sparked interest. It has no notes, but I digest this before any writing takes place.

2. Look at all the features BUT SELL THE BENEFITS

Understanding features and benefits can make your copy write itself. BUT you don’t want to sell the features. I have found an example of what I wouldn’t do here.

I’ve tried to hide the company in question, and I am sure that they are great, but this could do with some work. I can’t get excited about 500 mail merge codes to ‘make my own’. 

How about:

Get your bills paid quicker.

Get paid faster with customisable tenant invoices and statements that shout for attention

Too busy to think? Pre-made landlord statements cut out dead time.

Don’t lose a customer. Use custom letters to make yourself unforgettable

Get the edge on competitors. No more blurry logos and footers – we’ve got you covered.

I have no idea on the terminology or what they do to be frank, but the shaping is there.

Write down all your features and pop the benefits next to them. This really sharpens your sales message up.

3. Get some sizzle and some sausage in there

We want a lot of sausage and some sizzle as well. By this, I mean using a heap of descriptive words.

In this post, I have already used a few.

  • Dead time
  • Boom
  • Smash through
  • A heap!

Use words that give people a bit of ‘meat’ to the story you are telling. Can they picture themselves wearing that suit, drinking that gin, holding that banknote?

  • Crisp banknotes
  • Ice cold gin with a slice of fresh lemon
  • Flame red convertible
  • Thick, uncompromising tyres
  • Shredded meat rich in juice that just falls off the bone
  • A sharp suit that commands attention

Use questions and ‘imagine if’ statements to back this up.

  • Can you imagine telling your boss to never ask you about invoicing again?
  • Imagine if you could smash the misconceptions of what a real estate does
  • What would you do if your best customer left today?
  • Why would anyone risk losing their biggest asset because they couldn’t pay £3 a month for insurance?

There are plenty more, but I hope this gives a nice flavour.

Of course, you can always hire me and I can do it quickly for you.

A 1000 word article takes me about an hour.

It’s speedy, and bound to deliver results. 

I ask again – what kind of person would not pay £60 to potentially get back thousands?! 

Speak to me today.