What Does a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant Do? 

I know that many of you (my parents included) would love to know exactly…It’s a great question that deserves a full rundown of my day, inspired by some of these classic day in the life posts.  So, let’s get to it!

The day in the life of a freelance digital marketing consultant

6.50am – The freelance digital marketing consultant is woken by her small child demanding Shreddies and Rice Crispies in the same bowl. Madness.

7:00am – The freelance digital marketing consultant’s work is just starting. With the joy of an iPhone, she scans Twitter, Facebook Business Pages (the app is best for this) and starts to answer easy queries. (Let’s switch into first-person narrative before I go mad.) From some clients, this might be questions about opening hours or what is in stock. I always end with a thumbs up or a smile and if it’s a tricky question, it’s saved for later. To save time, I sometimes verbally make responses on my phone but always check – especially if Fireman Sam is on in the background. I also check my emails, especially the Google Alerts I set up for various keywords and client brand names to see if anything needs urgency.

7.15am – Now, the glory – I clean and wash the dishes and get the child ready for nursery. There’s a brief drive, much baby shark, some tears, and many promises of snacks later. (For me, and thee.) Then it’s back home, into the office and down to work.

The morning of a freelance digital marketing consultant

8.00am – Email marketing. Now is the time to check any stats from a campaign that has been sent. How did it do? Don’t forget people read, open, and then read again. Stats are ever-changing so reports can wait as long as they need to. Then there might be some work setting up a survey and the next email newsletter or campaign or changing preferences or looking at bounces.

8.45 – Emails! These could be ideas from clients, requests for calls, video schedules to make and plenty more. Tackled as they come in, noted down on paper in a matrix that shows me what’s a do or die, or just a ‘let it breathe’.

9.00am – Content creation starts here. *Cracks knuckles.* Now is the time to attack some content, usually that’s some social media posts and some blogs, but it could be a whitepaper or a guide, it depends what’s really urgent. Some clients take full days, other days I juggle various needs in set hours.

10.30am – Time for a coffee – large –  and a check on social media, personal and business. If any ads are running, now is the time to check they are still performing well and that nothing has gone bump in the night!

10.45am – Usually some kind of catch up call or planning happens here, looking back at stats or forward at events in the calendar and work that has cropped up already.

11.30am – Project dependent, this is the best time to catch someone before they have lunch an go into a carb coma. This might be influencer outreach, serving up a PR story or chasing press release I sent. I would follow up with some emails if I hadn’t reached them.

The afternoon of a freelance digital marketing consultant

12:00 – Lunch grabbed on the go or eaten in front of Netflix and the news. I usually post to my story on social media, update and respond to any comments on social media for clients and also send some texts to loved ones so they don’t forget I exist.

12.20 – Back to it and probably looking at reports and PPC changes now. Do I need to spend more or less? What’s been happening? Are the clients happy? Do they understand? Do I need to pull out any invoices?

12.45 – Probably onto some creative work, planning marketing campaigns, managing events that are happening or maybe looking into new concepts. A digital designer may be in touch to deliver a brief which would then be edited and changed or passed to the client which means…

1.45 – Another phone call! Perhaps after speaking to the client I will have more work, or if I have some low time I would probably be looking for new business or following leads, but more than likely I would be doing some admin – perhaps arranging a webinar or an event.


2:30 – SEO / Link building/ Outreach  Time! This is a good time to check in one SEO keywords and pull out any changes from client sites that need to be made, and to also look at what people are talking about online. Is there an angle for a story, a meme or a social post? If so, now is the time to design, write the copy and get it approved and…

3.00 – Posted! Time to do some more work. The day usually ends on a full belly of writing, so a whitepaper or a guide, email automation rules and copy, a partnership or sponsored email, or something a bit meaty with research and planning and stats to look at. I leave the writing overnight to assess in the morning or the next day because things get a bit woolly after a day at work!

4.30 – Pick up child from nursery – mum duties commence. I bring snacks and eat around 7 digestive biscuits myself. I listen to aggressive rock music before I arrive.


The evening of a freelance digital marketing consultant

7.00 – Make dinner, check all social media posts again and respond.  Tackle any larger queries or concerns with the client and respond to last emails as dinner cooks. If nothing has changed, check news articles by searching for marketing in the ‘news’ tab on Google.

8 pm – Netflix and rest! Speak to husband. Briefly. 🙂

9pm – Bedtime window – watch Netflix and a Ted talk. Scan Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and the app store for interesting new apps as well as changes online. Read the news if necessary.

So, what Does a Digital Marketing Manager Do? Plenty!

Whilst it’s hardly working at the coal face, there’s lots to be done and plenty to be juggled. I absolutely love it!

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