The title of this Why Hire A Freelance Marketer – and I wanted to do exactly what it says on the tin. There are three reasons people typically look to hire someone to help with marketing support – to save time, to save money, and save face!

If you want to hire a freelance marketer but are expecting a bit of a comeback from your MD, shareholders or even if we have met and you just want some really good reasons why a freelance marketer is a good idea in these three areas, then here you are!

  1. Time savings from marketing support 

If you are busy running a business you simply won’t have the time to do everything. Concepts for marketing, copywriting, SEO, designing graphics, creating a whitepaper, adding it to your site, optimising everything, events, PR – that’s just the tip of the list. No man is an island!  Having someone else worry about the small stuff means you have more time to focus on partnerships, sales, customers – the future.

2. Cost savings of a marketing manager vs a marketing freelancer

An average salary for a marketing manager can range from the cheap £30,000 to £70,000+ depending on sector, location and the role.

If we take a salary of £35,000 then as an employer you will be paying

  • National insurance: £293.25
  • Pension: £72.16
  • Gross: £2,916.67

Making a net of £3,282.08 per month.


If a freelancer marketing consultant charges £70 per hour then for the same money, you would get a huge 47 hours of service (if you pop £8 more on the bill, loose maths!)

Whilst each marketing freelancer is unlikely to work all hours sent, this still shows that you are getting great value by having someone who dedicates time to your marketing in a targeted fashion, without you having to pay for the additional costs associated with a full time employee.

3. A fresh set of eyes and honesty – saving face

A marketing manager is invested in keeping their job. They might be there for 6 or 7 years, which is why sometimes, bad ideas fall through the cracks. A director fancies something and everyone falls into line. A freelancer can simply say that in their experience, it won’t work. Of course, we aren’t in the business of refusing every request but if honesty matters, and if you feel an MD would respond well to an expert telling them ‘this isn’t the best way because of X, Y and Z, but you could do it like this…’ a marketing freelancer can be beneficial to the whole business.


Your Marketing Managed, founded by Elaine Keep is a freelance marketing service for companies who don’t have the resources for a dedicated marketing manager but need some support, perhaps with copywriting, SEO, email marketing or traditional marketing.

Services include:

Email Marketing 

Content Writing 

Social Media Management

Marketing Strategy and Consulting

Incentive Marketing

To establish what levels of support you need and have an in-depth consultation, please get in touch today.


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