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Marketing Managed at Home: Why Being a Freelancer Is Amazing

When I came up with the business idea of having a freelance marketing service, I had the name of Your Marketing Managed first. I selected it because it was a complete Ronseal name, and I figured it did what it said on the tin, but it also comprised my previous life as a marketing manager and my new life as a freelancer. To me, it’s perfect and I have loved the name and my brand and the journey to date.

The other day, some light SEO tweaks let me to see someone else has offered the same service with an almost identical name – thanks ever so! – which whilst annoying, led me to look back on why being a marketing freelancer is great. After all, there are heaps of reasons not to love freelance life besides someone having a dabble in your online persona. An unsteady paycheck. The non-stop working hours. The lack of paid holiday, pension, sick pay and other things I see as a benefit to my clients all mean less for me. So what do I get in return?

So far, in the years that I have run Your Marketing Managed, I have found many wonderful surprises about being a full-time freelancer that balance out anything you might see as a negative about it.

You might also enjoy my ‘Day in the life of a digital marketing consultant‘ post on precisely what a day entails, but there are some other reasons that I really like the flexibility of being a freelancer.

Marketing freelancers do it better

I feel like this should be a witty t-shirt. By this, I don’t mean that I am lording it over a marketing manager. I worked as a marketing manager in Sheffield and Derby for a variety of companies and with the odd turkey of a job, really enjoyed it. However, being a freelancer means that I have managed to focus in on my skills and core strength. On the whole, most people who hire me do some because of my content writing – or copywriting – there is a wild debate about the difference I might wade into one day.

I am a firm believer that you should stick to your skillset and improve it as much as possible and not waste any time trying to make small gains in the things you are awful at.

Things I am awful at:

  1. Line Dancing¬† ( I can’t do the touching of the foot)
  2. Singing (tone-deaf)
  3. Sharing the duvet
  4. Dieting (I am 86% digestive biscuit at any given time)
  5. Speaking a foreign language (Even with Babel and other amazing apps)
  6. Sales shopping whilst wearing a think jumper in winter (torture)
  7. Sunbathing and doing nothing
  8. Finishing a boring book (life is short)
  9. Watching a film after 8.30pm (I’ll be asleep after 20 minutes.)
  10. Plenty of other things that don’t fit in a list but I wanted to make 10 in a list because it looks nicer.

By being a freelancer marketing manager as it were, I know I have been hired because someone believes I can help them. Of the 100’s and 1000’s of freelance marketing managers and digital marketing consultants, I have been selected, a little like one of the aliens in Toy Story, and have been chosen to do my best work.

That means that I naturally rise to the challenge and come into each project with a sense of confidence which gets plenty of creative ideas going.

Marketing managed as a freelancer means I appreciate every day

Oh that is one cheesy title. I don’t mean I flounce about stroking children’s chubby faces and singing on lamp posts, but a more contented, basic level of appreciation for income, a client, the trust. Whilst as a marketing manager you can start to feel unappreciated and a little casual about work and the job as each day rinses and repeats, as a freelance marketing manager I feel driven and inspired to ensure that the client never feels that way about me.

In a full-time job you might play the game and coast a bit – when it’s my business and my reputation, I work my balls off to ensure that everyone is happy.

Freelance marketing means that I can say no

It’s not all about the great clients and amazing work. I have taken some jobs that weren’t great. Sometimes a low period meant I took a strange job on and had a funny feeling about it. Being a freelance marketing manager means that instead of having moved my family across the country for a full-time job, I’ve maybe given up 40 hours of my time before seeing that the client isn’t right, they aren’t paying their invoices or there is other ‘trouble afoot’. This is super rare which is a relief, no one likes paying solicitors to sort things out – but being a freelance marketing manager means that I can say no to things that aren’t right. If a business is deeply unethical, sells things that don’t align with me as a person or has other deep-rooted problems, I am in a position to decline the work

Freelance marketing means I can do what I love around those I love!

The number one best part of being a freelance is a very untraditional flexibility around where and when I work. As a type these words I can tell you it is a Saturday at 9.30 pm. Not a typical time to be in an office. I work best in the evenings for certain parts of my work, and it’s having the ability to do this that is really wonderful.

There are plenty of freelancers who do it for the nomadic lifestyle and a range of people who live on a beach somewhere, firing off emails in between surfing. For me, it’s much more of a family and closer to home lifestyle, but one that works for me.

If I can help anyone interested in becoming a marketing manager or a freelancer, please just get in touch. I am always keen to help anyone starting their career especially as mine has come around in a very unusual manner!

Need freelance marketing support?

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